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Overall Dimensions (mm)

STREET LIGHT Overall Dimensions

Weight 11.95/9.7/4.9kg

Photometric Curve (cd/klm)

STREET LIGHT  Photometric


  • Light Source:
    ·  ISQU (Q) Rectangular Lamp Tube

  • Features:
    ·  Die-cast aluminum alloy housing with powder coated grey finish
    ·  High purity aluminum reflector with vacuum coating
    ·  Construction of separated ballast and lamp compartment
    ·  High temperature resistant UV anti-aging silicon gasket
    ·  5mm toughened tempered glass diffuser

  • Optional:
    ·  Reflector: Nano Reflector (N)
    ·  Photocell sensor

  • Mounting:
    ·  Suits for 60mm spigot. 
    ·  Luminaries are secured to spigot by means of stainless steel fasteners.

General Specifications:

Ordering Code:

(Fixture        /Lamp Wattage      /Color tem      /Optional       )

MAT-R10 Q(150/200/250)/R11 Q(80/120)/R12 Q(40) W-UW/W/D/UD-N

180 .00               0

270.0              90.0

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