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Sunburst Flood Light
Sunburst Flood Light
Sunburst Flood Light
Sunburst Flood Light

Product Dimension

2 LED modules (70W/100W)

3 LED modules (105W/150W)

4 LED modules (140W/200W)

5 LED modules (175W/240W)

Side View

Photometric Diagram

Sunburst Flood Light


  • Replace HID, MH or HPS 150W, 250W, 320W and 400W in 2/ 3/ 4/ 5 modular assembly patterns

  • Made of Aluminum 6063 and Polymer transparent material

  • Modular design, each piece of LED module can adjust its projection angle separately

  • The square light and wider light distribution can be achieved

  • Varied luminous efficacy: Energy Saving Type at 100LPW, Economy type at 110LPW, and Advanced Type at 140LPW


Building Landscape, Car Park, Billboard, Indoor Stadium, Tennis Court, Swimming Pool

General Specifications:

Specifications for Advanced Type 140lm/W:

Specifications for Economy Type 110lm/W:

Specifications for Energy Saving Type 100lm/W:

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